terbang tinggi2

الله غياتنا
الرسول قدوتنا
القران دستورنا
الجهاد سبيلنا

الموت في سبيل الله اسمى أماننا

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

cairo airport mode

alhamdulillah smpai gak cairo airport..
sblom smpai airport frankfurt td, mcm2 jugak la y jd.. huuu
malas nye nk tulis sume..
1. Zug ausfällt wegen reisende Verstoppen kat Schweiz
2.ade kes polizei kat Terminal 1 tu... nak cari Abflug nye tmpt kene la lalu jalan laen
3.last skali y check in..
4.flight Verspätung wegen traffic bz+schlechtes Wetter kt europe..
5. sebaek jmpe msian kat cairo. yeayy!

nnt sok2 smbg..
12jam lg perjalanan ni..

j0m2 smbung lagi entry ni..
smpai klia kol 10.15... amik beg n sume2 abes dlm kol 11.
kol 1130 family amik kat airport.
trus g makan kat putrajaya.
got sad news from kampung.
One of ayah's cousin passed away.
hmm, smlm xleh tdo. still jetlag kot.
6pg pas subuh berolak ke parit kerimon.
sebelum tu amik nenek kat simpang renggam,
atuk stay kat rumah sbb still larat nak jalan.
alhamdulillah, sampai je kat parit kerimon, mayat dah siap dikapankan.
sempat tengok muka allahyarham wat kali terakhir selepas di sembahyangkan.
pkol 5 bertolak balik ke kjg.
rasenye byk tdo dl kenderaan je bape hari ni..
n mlm ni still xleh tdo lg.. skang bru pkol 6ptg waktu german!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


perjalanan pulang yang lebih dari 24jam.. huuu
doakan perjalanan yang selesa n selamat ye!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

kaki jalan, jalan kaki

ari jumaat shopping agak sakan jugak la kat metzingen..
smpai kol 12, balik kol 6ptg. gile punye pusing kt Metzingen tu.
tp rase cm Metzingen xmeriah cm dlu je. huhu *ke ak je y rase tu?huhu~*
pnat mmg pnat..tp blk makan mst kne sedap. hehe =p
masak nasik goreng cina n ayam goreng tepung. shida msk terung smbal.
perhhh.. best2.. kak ain (wife najib) n najib mkn skali kt umah. =)

semalam lebyh kurg kol 12tghri, usrah start.
yeayyy, akhirnye ahli2 usrah sume dh smpai Og. =D kakMilda dtg ngan adik die Meli.

1st time amik gmbar ramai2.. ni pas mkn. sblom nk kuar umah

Then, we had nasi ayam madu for lunch. =)
Intro baru tuk kakMilda, Meli n Isti pasal nasi ayam.. hehe
Unfortunately, xdpt nak bawak kakMilda n adik die g Strassburg.
They have to catch the last train to Ingelfingen. Schade. =(
Maybe next time ya. pegi europark skali ek. =D

yang ke Strassburg-Aimi, Fariza, Isti n me.
hasil tangkapan y berjaya masuk pukat Fariza kat Strassburg. =)

xsgka rupe2nye tgh ade pasor malam kat Strassburg arini.
adusss... jalan Tram sume tutup kat area tu..cm xde penghujung.. huuu
hmm, mcm2 kes gak jd time nak balik. We missed the train that can reach KA n Konstanz
in optimum way n Zeit.
2hari berturut2 jalan.. fuuhh, rase nk tercabut kaki pon ade. kakikekekok
arini rest! hehe bantai tdo ckup2.. *macam la slame ni xckup tdo.. haha =p*

conclusion pasal Strassburg brbanding Germany :
-kurang bersih
-kurang Punklichkeit
-masuk toilet kat bhf mahal
-bhf kurg mesra pengguna
-kurang best? hmm..
*lu pikir la sendri..*

tadi kemas2 n susun2 sket brg dlm luggage.. hmm, ade lg barang xbli ni...
tp beg dah 22,8 kg.. aduyaii.. dh overweight ni.
patut 20kg je.. camne ek? :-?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

cari persamaan..

setelah ak selak2 album lame2..ak gelak sndiri.. =D
ni gmbar2 tahun 2004, kat umah 11-03-07.

cari persamaan antara :

katil kuning tu

dan bawah meja ni..

jawapan = zzzZZZzzZZZzz

tabiat xubah2.. =p

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tawakkal – Depending On Allah

IF we can learn to depend on Allah with due reliance, He will certainly give us provisions as He gives to the birds who leave their nests in the mornings and return with full bellies at dusk.

But what do we need in order to achieve this? We must have firm belief that only Allah can help and benefit us. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,
"Whoever wishes to be strong should rely on Allah."

Allah the Almighty says:
"... Victory will be yours; and put your trust in Allah if you are believers indeed." (Qur'an 5:23)

These words give us strength to face hardships. But at the same time as depending on Allah, we must exert effort and use all the material resources provided by Allah. If we do so we will be obeying His orders. When we sincerely depend on Allah we feel tranquility in our hearts because we know that Allah is on our side. We should try to detach ourselves from always seeking material things and keep in mind that no harm or benefit comes to us without the permission of Allah.

Umar Bin Al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) told us about the birds and how they wake up in the early morning, glorify Allah and go in search of food, (they exert effort) trust in Allah and find sustenance. You may think it strange that birds glorify Allah but the Almighty says in the Qur'an :
"The seven heavens and the earth, and all that is therein, glorify Him and there is not a thing but glorifies His praise; and yet you understand not how they declare His glory! Verily, He is the Ever-forbearing, Oft-Forgiving." (17:44)

Even the prophets worked and so did the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him), but they all trusted in Allah in every aspect of life.

When Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was being thrown into the fire, Jibreel (peace be upon him) asked him, 'Do you need anything?'

But Ibrahim answered, 'Nothing from you. Allah knows my condition (status)."

Another time, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) took his wife Hajar and his son Isma'il to a place near Makkah.

Allah the Almighty ordered Ibrahim to leave them in the desert, and when Hajar saw him leaving her she wanted to know if it was an order from Allah. Ibrahim answered , 'Yes'. So she put her trust in Allah and was sure that He would take care of them. Indeed, all help and power are from Allah.

Trust in Him! His promise is true.

*xsnggup rasenye ingt balik xm y berlalu dis week.. huhu =(

Sunday, July 20, 2008

a potato st0ry

I got this story from kak aliyya's blog....

A simple story but with such a deep message for our life...


A kindergarten teacher has decided to let her class play a game.

The teacher told each child in the class to bring along a plastic bag containing a few potatoes. Each potato will be given a name of a person that the child hates, so the number of potatoes that a child will put in his/her plastic bag will depend on the number of people he/she hates.

So when the day came, every child brought some potatoes with the name of the people he/she hated. Some had 2 potatoes; some 3 while some up to 5 potatoes.

The teacher then told the children to carry with them the potatoes in the plastic bag wherever they go (even to the toilet) for 1 week.

Days after days passed by, and the children started to complain due to the unpleasant smell let out by the rotten potatoes.

Besides, those having 5 potatoes also had to carry heavier bags. After 1 week, the children were relieved because the game had finally ended.

The teacher asked: "How did you feel while carrying the potatoes with you for 1 week?"

The children let out their frustrations and started complaining of the trouble that they had to go through having to carry the heavy and smelly potatoes wherever they go.

Then the teacher told them the hidden meaning behind the game. The teacher said: "This is exactly the situation when you carry your hatred for somebody inside your heart.

The stench of hatred will contaminate your heart and you will carry it with you wherever you go. If you cannot tolerate the smell of rotten potatoes for just 1 week, can you imagine what is it like to have the stench of hatred in your heart for your lifetime?"


Throw away any hatred for anyone from your heart so that you will not carry sins for a lifetime. Forgiving others is the best attitude to take. "Learn to Forgive and

Memang pun kan...dalam Islam sendiri menyarankan kita saling maaf bermaafan. But...frankly speaking, It's easy to forgive, but to forget???? Hmmm....Lu pikir ar sendiri!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hear what Allah says:

"If I answer your prayer at once,
it is because I am testing your faith.
If I did not answer your prayer at once,
it is because I am testing your patience.
If I did not answer your prayer at all
it is because I have a better plan for you. "

Remember Allah's promises are yes and Amen!
He is God not man, which explains why He can never fail,
hold on, don't be discouraged,
your miracle is knocking at the door of your heart.
A little more faith is what you need to see all your needs met.
The-Prayer-Answering-Allah is saying He has met all your needs.



Monday, July 14, 2008

ears and eyes and hearts

وَلَقَدۡ مَكَّنَّـٰهُمۡ فِيمَآ إِن مَّكَّنَّـٰكُمۡ فِيهِ وَجَعَلۡنَا لَهُمۡ سَمۡعً۬ا وَأَبۡصَـٰرً۬ا وَأَفۡـِٔدَةً۬ فَمَآ أَغۡنَىٰ عَنۡہُمۡ سَمۡعُهُمۡ وَلَآ أَبۡصَـٰرُهُمۡ وَلَآ أَفۡـِٔدَتُہُم مِّن شَىۡءٍ إِذۡ كَانُواْ يَجۡحَدُونَ بِـَٔايَـٰتِ ٱللَّهِ وَحَاقَ بِہِم مَّا كَانُواْ بِهِۦ يَسۡتَہۡزِءُونَ (٢٦)

And verily We had empowered them with that wherewith We have not empowered you, and had assigned them ears and eyes and hearts; but their ears and eyes and hearts availed them naught since they denied the revelations of Allah; and what they used to mock befell them. (46:26)

Friday, July 11, 2008


hari ni ujan tibe2 mengganas di pagi hari..
ku yang dok lepak2 kat Bibliothek pon kne termandi air hujan sikit2..
dah nasib badan.. kertas2 A4 untuk ditulis basah la sket..
atap bocor ke ape..
aduyaii.. ku dok kat Germany ke ni? haha
walaupon ganas, ujan td kejap je.. tengahari berhenti dah..

satu lg keganasan, pencil case ku dh koyak..
malas nye nak tukar yang laen..
pencil case yang koyak ni free gift beli beg tropicana life dolu2..
kakNa y belikan beg tu.. see, i use it till d end of its life tau..
eh, lom mati lagi, nyawa2 ikan je..
tapi beg die pon koyak lame dh..haha
mmg la ganas sungguh.. =p

malas nye nk tggu next paper on thursday next week..
exam, cepat la abes..
nak balik!!!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

|5-25 Rejab 1429|8.-21. Juli 2008|

|Al-Imtihan| =)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Alhamdulillah, sempat lagi menemui rejab y datang tahun ni..
Schade, dass ich gestern und heute kein Fasten machen darf.
Vielleicht morgen, hoffentlich. =)
Berazam tuk dpatkan bilangan hari puasa lebih dr yesteryear.
insyaAllah.. doakan ye..
Marilah same2 kita tingkatkan ibadah dan keimanan pdNya.
moga di beri keberkatan juga sepjg bulan exam ni..

Bulan Rejab dah bermula pd 4 Julai 2008 y lalu. Kita dianjurkan mengamalkan amalan-amalan utama di dalamnya. Semoga dengan doa ini Allah swt mengalirkan keberkatan ke dalam kehidupan dan penghidupan kita semua:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد
اَللّهُمَّ بَارِكْ لَنَا فِي رَجَب وَشَعْبَانَ، وَبَلِّغْنَا شَهْرَ رَمَضَانَ، واَعِنَّا عَلَى الصِّيَامِ وَالْقِيَامِ وَحِفْظِ اللِّسَانِ وَغَضِّ الْبَصَرِ، وَلاَ تَجْعَلْ حَظَّنَا مِنْهُ الْجُوعَ وَالْعَطَشَ

Ya Allah, berkatilah kami di bulan Rejab dan Sya’ban, dan sampaikan kami ke bulan Ramadhan. Bantulah kami untuk melaksanakan puasa, melakukan solat malam, menjaga lisan dan memelihara pandangan; dan jangan jadikan puasa kami hanya sekedar lapar dan dahaga.

Amin ya Allah.. amin ya Rabbal 'Alamin...


ikut hati, mati..

jangan ikutkan lg kata hati..
banyak sudah keputusan y di buat oleh hati..
y hampir juga mematikan diri..
mematikan emosi..
menghilangkan konsentrasi..
dan menyebabkan tensi! (astaghfirullah..)

tp jangan selalu suka hati..
selalulah berhati-hati..
elakkan titik hitam bernoda di hati..
jgn biarkan hati mati..
hidupkan dengan zikr pd Ilahi..
ya Allah, kurniakan daku ketenangan hati..

jagalah hati - snada

Jagalah hati
Jangan kau kotori
Jagalah hati
Lentera hidup ini...

Friday, July 4, 2008


kala ini, rindu bertandang lg..
saban hari termimpi2..
ya Allah, kurniakan daku kesabaran dan kekuatan..
menepis rindu, meneruskan perjuangan..
hanya kurang sepurnama lg..
duhai hati, tabahlah...

mushtaq ilaikum, ya usrati..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


lg 1 mit Erfolg tuk Produktentwicklung.. yeayyy..
wlaupon awal2 rase cm nak give up tuk sbject ni, akhirnye dpt jugak siap..
plg xleh lupe, pendrive kne format balik.
abes sume files y wat sepjg 1 sem tuk projekt ni ilang mlm ahad..
ni la entry hari kejadian..
selase nk kene antar dh, isnin ade excursion g kilang besi.. huuuu
mmg xde back up langsung.
had to start frm zero.. duhh..
mmg Allah nak uji..
Alhamdulillah, dlm ujianNya, Dia bg juga ketenangan n kemudahan.
Sgt2 bersyukur. =)
ade lg 5 exam papers tuk diabeskan..
moga ketenangan n kemudahan y d kurniakanNya berterusan..

Allahummar zuqna, Ya Rabbi fahaman nabiyyiin, wa hifzaal mursaliin,
wa 'ilhaamal malaikatiil muqarrabbin, fii 'aafiyaati, ya Arhamar raahimiin.